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How to Reduce Scarring with Fish Oil – 4 Tips to Temporarily Conceal Scars

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Fat in fish, unlike the fat in meat and poultry appears to promote health. Fish fat, which takes the form of oils, contains certain types of polyunsaturated fatty acids known as omega-3 that have anti-clotting properties and thus may be protective against heart attack and perhaps high blood pressure. Like other unsaturated fats, fish oils can help lower blood cholesterol levels when they replace saturated fats in the diet. They may also help control inflammatory responses in the body that cause such conditions as arthritis and psoriasis. Omega-3s are distributed throughout the fish’s flesh. Sometimes, they are mistaken as fish oil.

Reduce Scarring with Fish Oil

Reduce Scarring with Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements are another story. You should avoid cod liver oil and other fish oil supplements, which may contain toxic levels of vitamins A and D, as well as environmental contaminants that often concentrate in the fish’s liver. Large doses of fish oil may also thin the blood excessively and may increase your risk for certain kinds of stroke. Most of all, there is no evidence yet that taking fish oil supplements provides the same protection against certain health problems as eating fish alone.

Normally, fish oil is taken by mouth as a form of food supplement, but several dermatologists promote fish oil for topical use. Fish oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which are considered excellent in treating minor burns and further scarring from wounds. A lot of researches showed that omega-3 fatty acids contain curative significance for treating slight wounds and lessening scars due to its anti-inflammatory assets.  Learn how to reduce scarring with fish oil.

Tip #1:  Buy fish oil gel in capsule form.

In general, fish oil supplements are manufactured in this form. So do not buy fish oil that is in tablet or powder form.

Tip #2:  Apply it on the scar.

Make sure that your hands are sanitized or cleansed properly before applying the fish oil on the region of the scar so that you will be certain that there will be no further contamination to the scar. If possible, use soap and water to clean your hands followed by a sanitizer. Cleanse also the region of the scar using soap and water to make sure that the fish oil will penetrate deeply into the skin.

Tip #3:  Create a tiny opening on one of the capsules you bought by utilizing a sanitized pin or needle.

Never use a scissor to create an opening on the capsule as it may be wasted. You should also prepare your finger for the oil that will definitely ooze out from the capsule so that you can readily massage it on the scar.

Tip #4:  Rub the oil on the skin.

Massage the fish oil precisely on the scar and let it dry.  Make sure that you will rub on the fish oil thoroughly on the scar for it to become more effective. Do the treatment once or two times daily, depending on the gravity of the scar. The result can be seen in a matter of two weeks.

These are simple tips on how to reduce scarring with fish oil. You have to follow these tips to the letter if you want to say goodbye to scarring at least temporarily.

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