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How to Reduce Scars – 9 Tips to Eliminate Scarring Temporarily

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New scars are extremely red and visible and this is the stage when the scar is really in full view. Generally, the scar will remain noticeable around three months after you have encountered the injury that caused its appearance. You will be self-conscious particularly if the scar is on the most noticeable areas of your body. This triggers your desire to lessen the appearance of scarring quickly even if it is a part of healing process. How then can you reduce scars?

Reduce Scars

Reduce Scars

Tip #1: Know why scars occur.

To fix the injury, your body has to put aside fresh collagen fibers, but scar will result because your body has no ability to reconstruct the tissue just precisely as it was. The fresh scar tissue contains distinctive texture and quality than the nearby normal tissue. The damage will turn into scar unless the wound has totally cured.

Tip #2:  Use sunscreen.

If you have a new scar, it is necessary that you should wear sunscreen before going out under the sun. The sun’s rays can burn the scar quickly thus making it darker than the rest of your skin.

Tip #3:  Utilize silicone gel.

Silicone gel will generate a defensive obstruction above your scar as well as excellently lessen its perceptibility. It also contains the ability to make softer the scar softer and even it out. Silicone gel can also simultaneously lessen the redness and staining.

Tip #4:  Utilize Mederma.

Mederma has onion seed extract that can help lessen the scarring as well as the redness and perceptibility of the scar. Try to ask your dermatologist about products that can act as alternatives to Mederma though.

Tip #5:  Try Aloe Vera.

Aside from the fact that Aloe Vera can make your skin softer, it can also cure the scar easily. However, you should use only the natural Aloe Vera plant not the lotions or gel products from Aloe Vera itself. Be sure to put Aloe Vera when the wound is already totally cured.

Tip #6:  Use hydrocortisone cream.

Put on hydrocortisone cream on your scar because the gentle topical steroid established in this product is useful in lessening the redness beneath your skin due to the healing of the injured blood vessels. On the other hand, you should not overdo applying this product because it can lead to further injury and thinning of the skin or worsen the scar.

Tip #7:  Purchase topical creams and lotions.

There are wide assortments of creams and lotions in the market that are advertised to be effective in lessening scars. However, the efficacy of these products varies according to their quality and the ingredients incorporated in them. If you want to use creams and lotions for your scar, make sure to look for products that contain vitamin E, emu oil and cocoa butter because these ingredients are useful in developing the collagen.

Tip #8:  Use silicon sheets.

This is efficient in lessening elevated scars. However, the result can only be seen after several months of use.

Tip #9:  Ask about steroid injections.

The next excellent choice you can try to reduce scars, particularly if the other treatments didn’t work, is steroid injection. This is good to use if the scars turn into keloid already. This is considered an invasive way of treating scars and it can also be painful.

You can always weigh your options on how to reduce scars. Some are natural methods, some expensive and some have drawbacks. Before deciding which technique to use, you may have to consult your doctor first.


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