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How to Clear Blackheads and Shrink Pores – 5 Tips to Regain Self-Esteem

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Blackheads and large pores are two skin conditions you want to get rid of. They can be ugly to look at and can cause you to lose your self-esteem. Learn how to clear blackheads and shrink pores from your face.

Clear Blackheads and Shrink Pores

Clear Blackheads and Shrink Pores

Tip #1: Define what blackheads and large pores are.

Blackheads are plugs of dried waxy material in a sebaceous skin oil gland, especially on the face. The exposed end of which is blackened by soot or grime.  Blackheads are common in acne. This type of skin condition is considered extremely obstinate and enormously difficult to eliminate. The parts of the face that usually have blackheads are the nose, forehead, chin and cheeks.

Large pores, on the other hand, appear whenever your skin is infested by acne and blackheads. However, the intensity of large pores depends on the type of skin you have. It usually develops due to clogging of dead and oil-covered cells. Even if you cannot reduce the pores, you can cure the blackheads to cleanse your pores and to make them look tinier.

Tip #2:  Take vitamin C regularly.

Vitamin C contains the ability to destroy bacteria within the pores to make your skin cells remain strong. It can also boost your immune system and invigorate the liver. You can acquire vitamin C from fruits such as oranges, guavas, pineapples and a lot more.

Aside from eating fruits loaded with vitamin C, you can also take off the peel of an orange and shred it into small slices; blend with a teaspoon of water to form a consistency paste. Put the concoction on your face and let it stay for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off with tepid water. If you do not want to eat fruits then take 1000 mg of vitamin C in pill or capsule form daily.

Tip #3:  Use Aloe Vera.

This wonderful plant contains assets that can combat infectivity that accumulates in your pores. It is loaded with enzymes that get rid of bacteria and lessen the irritation caused by blackheads. You can rupture the leaf of real aloe Vera plant and massage the fleshy tissue precisely on your skin and let it stay for several minutes before washing it off with tepid water. If you do not have aloe Vera plant, you can buy aloe Vera gel in the nearby drugstore. Make sure, though, that the aloe Vera gel you will purchase contains at least 94% aloe Vera extract.

Tip #4:   Mist your skin.

Misting the pores is useful in clearing the blackheads. Steam your face over an extremely hot water, but make sure to wrap your head with towel to shut in the steam. You can steam your face for around 10 minutes. Misting your face with extremely hot water will enable your skin to perspire and create oil to cleanse your pores as well as eliminate dead skin cells that stay in them. Following the steaming of your face, be sure to clean your face properly with tepid water to clear blackheads and reduce large pores.

Tip #5:  Make a habit of having a facial.

Undergoing regular facials will help eliminate blackheads. However, you must make sure that it is done by a professional aesthetician so as not to leave any scars on your face.

There are so many natural ways you can do to help clear blackheads and shrink pores. You only have to be patient in performing this to see the desired result.