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How to Shrink Large Pores with 7 Steps to Follow

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Almost everyone has large pores but they vary in size. Those women with larger pores worry more than those with smaller ones. Large pore is a result of stretching of pores due to clogging that may even result to pimples or blackheads. Others are prone to large pores because of age, genetics as well as the thickness and oiliness of the skin. Here are some steps in shrinking pore size.

Step #1 Prepare the following.

All you need is 2 drops each of rose water and skim milk; ¼ tsp turmeric; a teaspoon each of chickpea flour, honey and apple cider vinegar; ¼ papaya; bowl; spoon; washcloth and cotton balls.

Step #2 Prepare Facial Scrub

Put the 1 tsp chickpea flour and the ¼ tsp turmeric in the bowl. Add 2 drops of skim milk and 2 drops of rose water. Mix them together stirring well to make an exfoliating facial scrub. 

Step #3 Prepare the Washcloth

First, moisten the washcloth in lukewarm water. Make sure you choose a clean one.

shrink pore size

shrink pore size

Step #4 Exfoliate Facial Scrub

Dip the moistened clean washcloth into the exfoliating facial scrub and gently scrub the skin in small, circular motions. Then rinse with warm water and pat dry. You can do exfoliation once or twice a week. The purpose is to remove dead skin cells that can clog and stretch pores.

Step #5 Dab Cotton Balls

Soak cotton balls in a mild astringent and dab over the face each day. You can make a mild, natural astringent from a 50/50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Soak a cotton ball in the homemade astringent and dab onto the skin. This will help minimize the appearance of large pores and can also remove excess oils.

Step #6 Papaya Tightens Pores

Mix 1 tsp honey with the mashed papaya and apply the mixture on your face every night, especially around the pores. The papaya helps tighten pores and the honey moisturizes the skin. Leave the facial mask for about 20 minutes after which you wash off with lukewarm water.

Step #7 There are more things you can do to shrink your pore size.

Do not pick or squeeze blackheads and pimples since this can stretch the pores. Dab tomato juice on your pores everyday for about 20 minutes to reduce pore size. To reduce the size of large pores, you can use some ice cube to rub on it.

Also, you will need regular skin care routines to avoid possibilities of this skin condition occurring again in the future. You can begin by using a good quality cleanser. Pick one that is gentle enough to use every day. Be sure it has glycolic acid and salicylic acid so you will automatically have some exfoliation that can help unclog pores. The use of a toner can help clean the deep pore areas of oily skin and shrink pimple, blackhead and whitehead problems. This will temporarily reduce the look of pores but in extended use, it can help in the overall system of reducing the size of pores.

These are things you can embark on when you want to shrink large pores. You can follow each step provided herein and you will be surprised with the results.