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How to Treat Skin Bumps – 5 Tips to Bid This Skin Condition Goodbye

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Skin bumps can be attributed to a lot of aspects like allergies, skin inflammation as well as irritated bruises that develop on the exterior of the skin. Hereditary ailment of the hair follicles is also another cause of skin bumps. There are instances that skin bumps need to be treated by certain medicines, particularly if they are already tremendously discomforting. However, the symptoms associated to skin bumps are commonly treated with home remedies. Here are tips on how to treat skin bumps.

How to Treat Skin Bumps

How to Treat Skin Bumps

Tip #1:  See a dermatologist.

It is important that you should consult a dermatologist if you have skin bumps because he/she is the right person who can evaluate your condition properly. They will know if your condition is due to some particular medical situations or if it is only an allergic reaction to some things that you use or foods you eat. However, if the dermatologist assessed that skin bumps is due to keratosis pilaris, he/she will recommend proper medications that may aid reduce the symptoms of the condition.

Tip #2:  Take a lukewarm bath.

When you bathe, make sure that you use lukewarm water not hot because hot water can only worsen skin bumps and prickling. Aside from that, hot water can also result to extreme dryness and dehydration to your skin because of the deficiency of natural oils.

Tip #3:  Dry your skin thoroughly.

After taking a bath, make sure that you dry yourself thoroughly with a soft towel so that skin bumps will not be further aggravated as well as to lessen the extreme inflammation of your condition. If possible, use only the softest and porous towel that is made of 100 percent cotton or other types of genuine fibers so that some of the extra dampness can be removed.

Tip #4:  Moisturize your skin.

The best moisturizer you should use if you have skin bumps is the one that has lactic acid or urea as a major component. These types of moisturizers contain the ability to regulate the symptoms of particular forms of skin bumps. Moisturizers with lactic acid or urea can also efficiently remedy irritation and dryness that are usually connected to dry skin situations like keratosis pilaris.

Tip #5:  Exfoliate.

It is important that you exfoliate your skin with tender exfoliating scrub to help alleviate several of the symptoms associated to keratosis pilaris as well as the conditions resulting to skin bumps. A tender exfoliating scrub usually includes exfoliating materials like sugar crystals or micro-beads to eliminate dead or dry skin cells. If your skin bumps are due to keratosis pilaris, you can buy products perfectly formulated for the condition. Make sure not to use rough exfoliating scrub because it will only worsen the inflammation.

Primary and secondary type of skin bumps normally disappear on its own and do not require any treatment. However, the more serious kind of skin bumps must be evaluated by a skin specialist to make sure that you will treat the condition properly for a required length of time. Of course, you can also make use of the tips provided herein. There is no harm in trying, after all.