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How to Treat White Skin Bumps – 5 Tips That Will Help You Deal with the Problem

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White skin bumps are also known as milia. These are tiny but not dangerous bumps that usually appear transversely on the nose, cheeks and chin.  However, it can also occur everywhere on your body. Newborn babies are mainly susceptible to white skin bumps, but young children as well as fully-developed individuals are not exempted to it. Here is how you can treat white skin bumps.

Treat White Skin Bumps

Treat White Skin Bumps

Tip #1: Learn if you have one.

White skin bumps is similar to small whiteheads. The only difference is that this is not usually encircled by red or irritated tissue. Even if white skin bumps are commonly unproblematic they can also be inflamed by using coarse clothing.

Tip #2: Establish its causes.

The causes of white skin bumps are attributed to trapped dead skin cells beneath the exterior coating of the skin. It may also result from skin that is not efficiently exfoliated. Other causes are: ignored and accumulation of dead skin cells; and the use of harsh moisturizers, creams, cleansers, suntan lotions and other forms of hair-care products that can catch dead skin cells. White skin bumps affecting newborn babies commonly do not need medication because they commonly fade away several weeks following birth.

Tip #3:  Tips for treating white skin bumps in mature individuals.

White skin bumps in mature individuals can be easily eradicated by the help of a dermatologist. The process requires cleansing of the skin first by using alcohol swab or other types of antiseptic before piercing the white skin bumps with sanitized needle. When the sterile needle is pierced onto the white skin bumps, a comedone extractor is used to put pressure on the nearby tissue to pop out the cyst on the surface of the skin.

Tip #4:  Prevent the appearance of white skin bumps.

Even if white skin bumps cannot be avoided in infants; adults with this type of skin condition can still avoid having it by: lessening sun exposure; using non-comedogenic of oil-free products on your skin; utilizing home exfoliating products that can help get rid dead skin cells; and a regular visit to the dermatologist for micro-dermabrasion or glycolic peels procedure. Persons that are extremely susceptible to this skin condition will not most likely completely avoid it, but they can lessen its appearance.

Tip #5: Always ask expert help.

If you have white skin bumps, do not try to get rid of them all by yourself, particularly if the bumps are found in the sensitive parts of your body because you will be endangered of infection from unsterile devices you will use. The primary and secondary forms of white skin bumps may not need treatment because they can disappear on their own. However, if you feel embarrassed by the condition, you can ask a dermatologist to help you get rid of them.

White skin bumps are usually treated through cryosurgery, surgical cuts and dermabrasion. These types of treatment are quite effective but may be costly. If you do not want to undergo these types of medications, you can opt to use topical medicines such as tretinoin, oral etretinate 17, and minocycline because they are also efficient in treating white skin bumps.