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How to Avoid Acne Cysts – 8 Tips on Maintaining Skin Health

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Acne is a condition in which inflammation and infection of the sebaceous glands and ducts results in pimples, pustules and cysts on the skin surface. The underlying cause of acne which to one degree or another affects approximately 80% of all teenagers is attributed to the glandular revolution that takes place with the onset of puberty. If you have acne, make sure not to acquire acne cysts because they can damage healthy skin tissues and can result to horrifying and ugly scarring. Here are things you can do to avoid acne cysts.

Avoid Acne Cysts

Avoid Acne Cysts

Tip #1:  Maintain skin cleanliness.

This is the number one thing you have to consider if you do not want to acquire acne cysts. Make sure that your skin is carefully cleansed, preferably in the morning and before going to bed. You can cleanse your face with mild antibacterial cleansers like the ones with tea-tree oil. When cleansing your face, do not scrub it vigorously particularly if you have sensitive skin. You should also keep away from using oil-based lotions or creams because they can clog your pores further.

Tip #2:  Make sure that your hair will not flow on your face.

It is a fact that majority of teenagers have greasy hair aside from greasy skin. To avoid acquiring acne cysts, be sure to rinse your hair every day to maintain its cleanliness and to eliminate the grease on it. When the hair had already dried up, pull it back from your face so that bacteria will not affect your face. Long greasy hair contains extra bacteria that can cause acne breakout.

Tip #3:  Avoid touching your face.

Your hands and nails transmit all types of bacteria so try to keep away from touching your face to prevent acne cysts. Be sure to always maintain the cleanliness of your hands and cut your nails short too. Never try to pop or squeeze out the existing acne cysts to avoid longer healing time and scarring.

Tip #4:  Maintain the cleanliness of your pillow cases and bed linens always.

If you are extremely susceptible to acne, make sure that you always have clean pillow cases and bed linens. This will help to avoid bacteria buildup that can go through your face.

Tip #5:  Consume a healthy diet.

Consuming oily foods and chocolates are still a debatable issue when it comes to acne and cysts because there are experts that say these foods can trigger acne and cysts but others do not believe in it. But, if you are prone to acne and you do not want to acquire acne cysts, be very careful in choosing the kinds of foods you are going to eat. Eating healthy will not only give you acne-free skin but good health as well.

Tip #6:  Avoid too much stress.

Stress is another contributing factor to acne cysts because it can intensify the development of androgens which invigorates both the oil glands and hair follicles. Look for means to de-stress yourself like walking, gardening, meditation and other forms of relaxation methods.

Tip #7:  Choose the correct cosmetics.

If you are fond of using makeup, make sure to select ones that cannot clog your pores and result to acne cysts.

Tip #8:  Take food supplements.

Make sure to take food supplements that can help balance your skin and hormones. There are plenty of options you have.

The bottom line in avoiding acne cysts or skin cysts is to make sure you take care of your skin. It pays to make some lifestyle changes and to maintain cleanliness as well.