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How to Remedy Scars from Acid Burns – 4 Tips to Let Go of Acid Burn Scars

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Acid burns can be the hardest injury to treat. More often, they can create ugly and permanent scars on the affected area. They can happen when you are exposed to a very strong acid with a pH of 1 that has the ability to destroy your tissue. It requires immediate attention to treat acid burns. At home, the most common acid burns come from muriatic acid which we use for cleaning. These are extremely painful to the skin. If you have suffered an acid burn, it is mostly likely that the injury will develop into scars. Therefore, you have to learn how to remedy scars from acid burns.

Remedy Scars from Acid Burns

Remedy Scars from Acid Burns

Tip #1: Proper nutrition is important.

Proper nutrition is the best way to heal wounds faster and prevent infection. Do not underestimate good nutrition both inside your body and on your skin. Vitamin C is very important to boost your immune system and health as well as to fight infection. Vitamin C is also a good source of collagen and collagen is the most important protein used in the production of new skin and other connective tissues. Vitamin C can boost collagen production that will provide more support to your skin. The extra support will encourage healing and help your skin work to normalize the scarred area. You can add more citrus fruit to your diet or take a Vitamin C supplement daily.

Tip #2: Try creams and oils.

There are lots of various cream and oils available in drugstores today that you can apply topically to your skin to reduce scars. This is also to lighten its effect especially if wounds created a deep scar. Vitamin C is effective internally, while topical creams and oils when applied topically are also beneficial to help reduce the appearance of scars.

Tip #3: Lemon or lime juice can also be a good remedy in treating skin scars.

Just squeeze the juice directly into the scar and rub it into the skin. There is no need to mix or dilute the juice in water. Just make sure that wounds are completely healed because it will be painful and could irritate the skin if used on wounds that are not completely healed. Let the juice sit on your skin for at least 10 minutes, then rinse it off to remove the juice and stickiness that comes with it. Do this every day and eventually you will observe gradual lightening of your scars.

Tip #4: Try some fruits.

Fruits like papaya are also good remedies in treating scars because they contain enzymes that can help remove dead skin cells. This promotes the growth of new skin and healthy cells that can cover the scar. Crush or cut up a papaya and rub it over the affected area. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes and wash it off to remove. Repeat the procedure at least twice a day.

Most skin scars like acid burns can last for life. But they tend to fade in time. And if scars are a minor one, it may be barely noticeable in a few years’ time. The best thing that you can do to prevent ugly scars is by treating the wounds with proper care using the best medicine.

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