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How to Freeze Skin Tags with 5 Tips to Help You With

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Skin tags are pieces of skin that stick out and hang off its surface. As you age, more skin tags may begin to appear especially around the neck. The quickest and safest way to remove skin tags is much the same way as removing warts. This treatment is called the freezing treatment. You can remove skin tags by freezing it off directly using liquid nitrogen, or a store bought wart treatment available in drugstores. Although skin tags are harmless, many people opt to remove them in order to have perfect and attractive skin. But there are also skin tags that can cause irritation, inconvenience and even pain. According to medical experts, skin tags may be associated to aging and friction by rubbing the skin area. Let us then see how to freeze skin tags.

Tip #1: Prepare some items.Freeze Skin Tags

Prepare the necessary things that you’ll need such as over-the-counter wart freezing treatment and liquid nitrogen. You will also need tweezers and gauge.

Tip #2: Look for a freezing treatment.

Purchase an over-the-counter freezing treatment such as the wart removal product called Compound W. This also works well in freezing skin tags. There are also different kinds of treatment available the ranges from gel to pads to freezing pens that can directly treat the affected area.

Tip #3: Read the manual.

Just make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the packaging label. To fully and effectively remove skin tags, you may need to repeat the procedure for at least 2 weeks of treatment. By purchasing liquid nitrogen, you can perform a similar treatment to that of a dermatologist. You can save money and time as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

Tip #4: Try the treatment.

You can start the treatment by dipping a pair of tweezers into the liquid nitrogen, and then use the tweezers to clip the skin tag near its base for at least 10 seconds. Put a pair of gauge over the skin tag, but make sure to wear gloves to protect your hands from the cold temperatures of liquid nitrogen. Avoid touching the skin that surrounds the skin tag with tweezers. The purpose of the liquid nitrogen is to freeze and kill the skin tag hanging on your skin. With a regular treatment, the skin tag will fall off naturally within a few days.

Tip #5: Ask help.

You can ask your friend for help when attempting to use the liquid nitrogen procedure to make sure that you are safe and to reach skin tags in hard to reach areas such as the back and neck. Be very careful in using liquid nitrogen because it can cause frostbite and injury to the skin if not properly used. Liquid nitrogen can easily kill the skin tag cells, but it could also kill the surrounding healthy cells of your skin. That’s why it is advisable that you handle this very carefully.

If the over-the-counter product you have purchased didn’t work, or you are simply not comfortable doing the procedure yourself, you can always consult a doctor and schedule for an appointment. Skin tag removal doesn’t require an anesthesia and is a quick outpatient procedure.

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