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How to Reduce Size of Skin Tags on Face – 7 Tips to Protect Facial Skin

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Even if facial skin tags are not considered a medical risk, they are still ugly to look at because they are on the areas of your skin where they are more visible. There are physicians who do not want to remove skin tags particularly if they appear in other parts of the body, but there are people who want skin tags to be removed particularly if they appear on their faces.

Some people with facial skin tags feel that they are no longer attractive due to the condition that is why they want them removed. However, if the doctor does not want to eliminate facial skin tags, you can do the removal through some natural ways; make sure that you will do it carefully. Here are a few tips on how to reduce size of skin tags that appear on the face.

Reduce Size of Skin Tags on Face

Reduce Size of Skin Tags on Face

Tip #1: Use tea tree oil.

Skin tags can be reduced through using small amount of tea tree oil, but you need a lot of patience before seeing the desired result. With this, you will only be able to treat it during the night. It may get in the way of some of your activities if you do it during daytime.

Tip #2:  A skin test is important.

Prior to treating your facial skin tags with tea tree oil, make sure to do a skin test to avoid allergic reaction. There are people who are sensitive to tea tree oil. Doing a tea tree oil skin test is very easy. You just have to put a small quantity of the oil on a cotton ball and wipe it on your wrist and let it stay there for several hours to learn if you will build up rashes or inflammation. You can go on with the treatment if you will not develop any reaction to the medication.

Tip #3:  Cleanse (and make sure to dry) your face.

It is necessary to rinse your face and dry it up thoroughly. Get a small cotton ball and put 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil into it then place it on the facial skin tag. Make sure to secure it with a medical adhesive tape so that it will not fall while you sleep.  Perform the treatment every night until you obtain the outcome you want. Check on the skin tags every morning to see if they are shrinking.

Tip #4:  Use Bloodroot herb.

This type of herb is also a natural remedy to reduce the size of facial skin tags. It is an herb that can be found in the United States and Canada. It is considered as an efficient and strong herb which is backed-up with clinical studies. However, you need a physician’s guidance in performing the treatment.

Tip #5:  Make sure to seek the advice of a doctor who is expert on herbal treatments.

It is necessary that your doctor agrees that the facial skin tags on your face are in a proper location for bloodroot powder treatment. Wash and dry your face properly. Put around ¼ teaspoon of bloodroot powder in a tiny bottle with a tight seal then slowly add water to make a paste consistency.

Tip #6:  Put on the paste mixture cautiously on the skin tag.

Make sure that the paste will only be applied on the skin tag not anywhere on the face to avoid further skin damage.

Tip #7:  Protect the treated skin tag.

Make sure that the skin tag treated with bloodroot powder is secured with a small bandage that will perfectly cover it. Let the cover remain for two days. Be sure to keep an eye on the bandage to be certain that it does not slip. Perform the treatment every two days for one week to see the result. However, if you feel any form of irritation, discontinue the treatment immediately.

These are tips on how to reduce facial skin tags. You will come across more treatments that will help. Just be patient when looking for one.