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How to Hide Facial Spider Veins – 6 Ways to Conceal Them

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Spider veins are like the varicose veins that are found on the legs only that they are much smaller and closer to the skin. Spider veins are common on the back, legs and in the face. These veins resemble a spider web that’s why they are called as such. The causes of these are too much sun exposure, age, obesity, hormone fluctuations, pregnancy, hereditary factors and injury. Makeup anyway can hide facial spider veins. You simply need a liquid foundation makeup and a foundation makeup brush.

Tip #1: Choosing the Foundation

You have to choose a foundation that suits to the color of your skin. A thin, watery foundation does not thoroughly cover the vein that’s why you need a thicker foundation for a better coverage. In some stores, you can find foundations that are meant for covering veins, so you can look for one.

Tip #2 Applying the Foundation

Before using the foundation, roll the bottle between your hands for around one minute. This is to mix well and warm the foundation. Now, you can dip the tip of the foundation brush into the foundation and apply to your face evenly.

facial spider veins

facial spider veins

Tip #3: Applying Foundation on the Spider Vein

Apply the foundation directly on the spider vein and use quick brushstrokes to spread it evenly over the vein and also to the surrounding area. Apply foundation to your face and neck as well and then put on your makeup as usual.

Tip #4: Tan your Face

Apply a self-tanning lotion to your face or you can get a spray tan. This will temporarily dye your skin thus covering the spider vein.

Tip #5: Stave Off Future Spider Veins

In order to keep off from future spider veins, you must always clean your face and minimize your salt intake. If you can’t stop your spider veins from coming, you can visit your doctor and he can give you saline injection. This can remove your spider veins.

Tip #6: Look for Other Makeup Options

If you have this spider vein problem you can go to a cosmetic counter and buy a camouflage cream concealer that is specifically design for veins. They are usually thicker than regular concealers and they are water proof. Before applying the cream, you must thoroughly clean your face dry it with a clean towel. Wash your hands also to prevent the contamination of bacteria to your face. Use a cosmetic sponge to lightly rub the cream to your spider veins to cover them. Apply continuously until the spider veins are no longer visible.

After doing this, put some translucent powder on to your face to set the concealer and to give your face an even appearance. Don’t forget to remove the cream in the evening. Since it is water proof, it’s harder to remove that’s why you need a cold cream to separate the concealer from your skin. You can use clean tissues to wipe out both the concealer and the cold cream. You can reapply the concealer again in the morning before going out.

These are 6 tips that will help you say goodbye to facial spider veins. Make sure you know how to apply the makeup carefully.