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How to Hide Thread Veins on Legs with 7 Must-Know Tips

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Thread veins occur when blood assembles within the veins. Once your blood cannot move correctly, it discontinues and assembles within the vein, resulting to thread veins that usually rest on the facade of your skin thus coloring the blood veins in either red or purple. Thread veins, or spider veins to some, can be genetically acquired or appear as you age. Lots of women who had increased portions of weight all throughout their pregnancy can acquire thread veins because of extra stress on their legs. There are ways and means to not only to treat the thread veins but conceal them as well. Here is how you can hide thread veins on legs.Hide Thread Veins on Legs

Tip #1: Try Sclerotherapy

In treating thread veins the most frequent used is sclerotherapy, a process wherein your veins will be injected with sclerosing solution. It is done to breakdown or melt the vein resulting to discoloration or lightening of the thread veins.

Tip #2: Try Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is another type of treatment that can destroy the vein completely. However, if even these types of treatment can provide enduring respite of present thread veins, they cannot avoid additional thread veins to progress.

Tip #3: Use Creams for the Purpose

On the other hand, if you want to conceal or hide the thread veins, you can use specially formulated creams to conceal them. They can be costly as well as they cannot treat the thread veins permanently. In the long run, creams can be an excellent option for people who are not certain about a more enduring remedy. However, creams are good to hide the unsightly thread veins for a star.

Tip #4: Use Foundation

Put on a leg foundation on the areas of your legs that have thread veins. Use your fingertips to dot the leg foundation on the part of your legs with thread veins. However, be certain that the shade of the leg foundation you are going to use is similar to your skin tone to make sure that the coverage will completely conceal the area.

Tip #5: Even Out the Foundation

Smooth out as well as balance the leg foundation in upward and downward strokes. Make sure to let the leg foundation dry and be absorbed properly by your skin for at least five minutes before putting on your pants or stockings.

Tip #6: Use Powder

Brush powder on the leg foundation to set it in then wait for approximately two minutes to brush off the extra powder. Be sure to use translucent or hued powder that will match the tone of your skin.

Tip #7: Prevent it From Coming

The best thing for you to do now is to prevent acquiring thread veins, and you can do it easily, particularly if the thread veins are not genetically acquired. Some of the precautionary measures you may try to prevent the appearance of thread veins include obtaining sufficient exercise. Do not sit for an extended period without shifting your legs and maintain a healthy weight to prevent extra stress on your legs. Lastly, utilize compression stockings to stop thread veins from progressing.

Even if thread veins on legs are not characteristically harmful, you must become aware of it. This will make sure that they are not an underlying condition for some severe and harmful medical situation.