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5 Signs on How to Know When to Start Using a Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

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Once your skin is elongated or enlarged extremely fast like when you become pregnant, stretch marks will occur. Stretch marks are characterized by unattractive streaks that manifest on your skin. They are skin streaks that are not only confined to pregnant women. Teenagers as well as men may also acquire them, particularly if they had encountered quick weight increase. Stretch marks commonly manifest on the thighs, breasts, abdomen and buttocks. The causative aspects involved in stretch marks consist of genetics, insufficient workout, scratching and way of life. Avoidance is the solution to regulating the manifestation of stretch marks, and learning the perfect time to use the cream is also necessary. Here are tips to learn on how and when to use stretch mark prevention cream.Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

Tip #1: Use it During Pregnancy

This is the most popular source of stretch marks. Using creams during this time can prevent and lessen their manifestation. However, using topical creams as precautionary measures for stretch marks might not work efficiently in each situation, but not doing anything will most likely assure their manifestation. If you want to know the most excellent period to begin utilizing the creams, start using it without delay.

Tip #2: Ask the Right Time to Use It During this Period

As soon as you know that you are already on the conceiving period, you must begin putting on the creams to the parts of your body that will most likely build up stretch marks. The stretch marks will most probably manifest on dry skin which cannot elongate like the healthy, hydrated skin. The creams must be used on a regular basis to make sure that your skin is properly hydrated and to promote flexibility as well. On the other hand, if you are already pregnant, it is important that you should put or apply the creams almost immediately. It is also necessary that you should take good care of your skin properly even if you are not yet pregnant to avoid the manifestation of stretch marks.

Tip #3: Use it During Teenage Years

Lots of young adults will experience getting these unattractive, red blemishes once they reach teenage years. Both boys and girls might be affected by stretch marks. The major aspect that results to stretch marks in teenagers or young adults is the abrupt growth surge as well as sudden weight increase. Girls usually start to experience teenage years approximately at age 11 while boys at age 12. It is during this year that boys and girls must start avoiding the unattractive scars from manifesting. The teen age years for girls will conclude approximately at age 14 while age 15 or 16 for boys.

Tip #4: Look at Genetic Factors.

If both your parents have stretch marks, you will most likely be susceptible to increasing them as well. If genetic signals that you will be susceptible to progressing stretch marks, it is an excellent plan to begin hydrating your skin regularly as a means of stretch mark prevention. Aside from the fact that pregnancy and puberty are the contributing factors to stretch marks, they can also manifest from quick weight increase and weight deficit.

Tip #5: Use it During Bodybuilding

Stretch marks may also manifest in bodybuilders. The forming stage of a bodybuilder is a period of quick muscle growth as well as weight increase. These aspects can mutually cause unattractive blemishes to their beautifully sculpted body. In view of this, bodybuilders should use stretch mark prevention creams to assist them in maintaining the elasticity as well as hydration of their skin.

Preventing stretch marks can be made using a number of solutions. Using stretch mark prevention creams is just one option. You can consider all the instances above to signal you when to use this product.

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