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5 Vital Tips on How to Prevent Stretch Marks When You Are Pregnant

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Pregnant women usually acquire stretch marks because of lots of contributing factors for the appearance of this skin condition. However, you should not worry anymore because stretch marks during pregnancy can already be prevented through some natural remedies. No matter what the cause of the stretch mark is during pregnancy, the good is it can be avoided thus reducing its appearance in the long run. Here are some tips on preventing stretch marks when you are pregnant.

Prevent Stretch Marks When You Are Pregnant

Prevent Stretch Marks When You Are Pregnant

Tip #1:  Skin Hydration.

It is important that you should drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Water is not only important in nourishing your skin, but the other parts and structure of your body as well. Drinking plenty of water will help eliminate the onset as well as reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.

Tip #2:  Exfoliate.

Exfoliating your skin the way it should be can help avoid stretch marks because of its ability not only to eliminate dead skin cells that usually clearly show stains of stretch marks but also improves blood flow in the skin to further develop fresh skin rapidly. You can utilize a body brush, wash cloth or any gentle exfoliating scrub to rub down the region of the skin with stretch marks. Do the exfoliation once or twice daily.

Tip #3:  Moisturize.

A skin that is properly moisturized is more flexible which means that you can stretch it. There are lots of lotions recommended for pregnant women that can help prevent stretch marks during this period. Lotions or moisturizers for pregnant women do not contain harsh chemicals that can harm both mother and child. You can also opt to use natural moisturizers like vitamin E capsule. You can massage the vitamin E oil unto your skin to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Vitamin E contains elastin and collagen which are essential to the elasticity of the skin.  No matter what type of moisturizer you will use, make sure that you will moisturize your skin at least two to three times each day.

Tip #4:  Proper diet.

Consuming the right kinds and amounts of foods during pregnancy can help prevent stretch marks. Even if pregnant women require more food intake to nourish the baby in her womb, it is still appropriate to consume foods at a stable measure. Foods loaded with vitamins and minerals will not only nourish the baby, but her skin as well. Pregnant women must eat healthy rather than eating cookies and chips which are devoid of essential vitamins but loaded with calories. Gaining too much calories during pregnancy will only aggravate the onset of stretch marks.

Tip #5:  Exercise.

There are simple exercises women can try even if they are pregnant. These exercises will help tone down the muscles in areas of the body that are usually affected by stretch marks. Ask your attending physician for the proper exercise during this stage.

Stretch marks prevention during pregnancy is possible. The secret lies in the pregnancy stretch marks prevention tips mentioned above.