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How to Prevent Stretch Marks Using 8 Proven Techniques

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Women are prone to stretch marks. This skin condition may occur during pregnancy or even adolescent years. The areas of the body that usually have stretch marks are the thighs, legs, arms as well as the breasts.  Preventing stretch marks can be easy if you will cure them the soonest time possible.

Tip #1:  Put on cream or oil that contains coco butter, vitamin E or sweet almond. 

Making a habit of rubbing cream with the aforementioned ingredients can help prevent stretch marks from becoming more prominent, if you have it already. For optimum results, you can utilize the cream or oil twice a day, after taking a bath and prior to sleeping. Rub it on rigorously on the affected area.

Tip #2:  Use creams as well as lotions. 

The alpha hydroxy acid component of stretch marks creams and lotions can help exfoliate the uppermost layer of skin cells to make way for the development of new ones. These creams and lotions can give only slight development after a while. You have to continuously use it to acquire as well as sustain its favorable outcome.  One word of advice, select lotions and creams which are not extremely oily.

prevent stretch marks

prevent stretch marks

Tip #3:  Practice having proper diet. 

Since stretch marks are due to skin damage, you need to take care of your skin. Consuming foods that are loaded with zinc, vitamins A, C, and D can help enhance the condition of your skin to avoid stretch marks. Foods such as fish, citrus fruits, dairy products, carrots as well as eggs are also considered skin-friendly. Make it also a habit to maintain skin hydration by ingesting 8 or more glasses of water daily. 

Tip #4:  Do not lift weights excessively.

If you are a weightlifter, make sure not to expand your muscle hastily. Stable muscle development will permit your skin to stretch gradually, thus lessening your possibilities of increasing stretch marks.

Tip #5:  Cover the stretch marks. 

You can put on a stretch mark makeup if you want to cover the stretch marks. These cosmetics can be acquired in variety of colors that are recommended for all types of skin tones. You can also have tattoo to cover up your stretch marks or have your skin tanned from a good quality tanning lotion.

Tip #6:  Undergo laser treatment. 

This is one of the recommended tips on how to prevent stretch marks. It has the considerable ability to enhance the quality as well as the consistency of the skin because it can stimulate the development of new collagen in your skin.

Tip #7:  Undergo dermabrasion and skin peeling procedures. 

These techniques can enhance the quality of your skin, thus making stretch marks less noticeable. The dermabrasion technique involves freezing, scraping or sanding the skin through the use of a special instrument to create a new and smoother skin while skin peeling involves exfoliating the skin through the use of chemical treatment on the skin.

Tip #8:  Use surgical process and home remedies. 

You can choose between surgery and home remedies in preventing stretch marks.  The first is a little bit risky and expensive while the latter is easy and cheap but delivers results in a longer time.

These are 8 techniques you can make use of if you want to prevent stretch marks from going your way. Choose one technique that you think best suits you. If you are not sure with that, ask the help of experts.