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How to Prevent Stretch Marks with Almond Oil – 6 Tips To Use this Essential Oil Successfully

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Stretch marks happen as soon as your skin is dragged tightly in an extremely brief period of time causing the ripping its multi-layers. It can expand as an outcome of fast development or weight gain and particular health problems like diabetes, pregnancy or Cushing’s syndrome. Using almond oil and other types of essential oil every day can help prevent stretch marks, particularly those that arise all throughout the pregnancy. You can purchase these oils in natural health stores or online herbal stores. Here is how you can prevent stretch marks with almond oil.

Prevent Stretch Marks with Almond Oil

Prevent Stretch Marks with Almond Oil

Tip #1:  Use it according to steps.

Dispense one half cup of sweet almond oil in a gauging cup then pour it into a glass container. Add 50 drops of mandarin essential oil then blend the two for about 2-4 minutes. Dunk your fingers into the oil blend and massage it tenderly on your skin in a lingering and spherical movement. Utilize sufficient oil to moisten your skin and massage it on the parts of your body affected by stretch marks for few minutes.  Make sure to give attention on troubled parts, which differ in accordance to the root of the stretch marks.

Tip #2:  Put the oil blend onto your skin once a day.

If possible, do this prior to sleeping so that the oil will have sufficient time before it is absorbed totally by your skin. Putting on the oil after bathing or showering is also useful so that the oil is absorbed easily by your skin because during this time your pores are still open.

Tip #3:  Keep whatever is left.

Keep the extra oil blend in a dark-colored glass container. Seal it properly and stock it inside the cabinet to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

Tip #4:  Check with your doctor if symptoms of severe stretch marks persist.

You should immediately see your professional caregiver if you encounter skin problems. Rashes are but normal while you are using the oil blend on your stretch marks. The proof concerning the efficacy of topical almond oil medications for stretch marks is considered minimum, but you should not be depressed because after using this blend, you can see considerable results. However, you should make sure not to expose yourself under the sun for several hours after using the oil blend to prevent acquiring phototoxins. This oil blend is intended only for external use, so do not drink it and make sure that it is out of reach from children.

Tip #5:  Use almond oil alone.

Put a little quantity of almond oil onto your hands and rub it to warm the oil. Put on the oil on the parts of your body with stretch marks then rub it down tenderly but firmly so that it can go deeply into the layers of the skin. You can rub the almond oil two times daily or as needed, particularly after bathing or showering to preserve the moisture in your skin.

Tip #6:  You can also blend almond oil and vitamin E oil.

The mixture of these oils is considered efficient in preventing the appearance of stretch marks. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that can help invigorate new cell development as well as strengthen the distinctive flexibility of your skin.

Stretch marks prevention is never too hard. Just by using almond oil, every effort you exert will pay off. A homemade blend has been discussed above and is supplemented by other tips that will help. It is up to you to decide about what concoction to use.