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4 Tips on How to Make Baking Powder Work for Stretch Marks

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Stretch mark is a problem that affects a lot of individuals, particularly women, of any age. It is a type of skin problem that cannot easily be removed by using natural remedies. Getting rid of stretch marks is very expensive. However, there is something that you can try using in decreasing its appearance without getting you bankrupt. Baking powder is one of the natural remedies you can try to lessen the appearance of stretch marks.  You can easily get it from your kitchen or in local grocery stores. Here are tips on how to use baking powder for stretch marks.

Tip #1:  Combine baking powder with other natural ingredients.

You can blend the baking powder to so many natural components to create an exfoliating paste for the stretch marks. Some of the natural ingredients that you can mix with baking powder include: oatmeal, sea salt, ground coffee and apricot scrub. When you had already incorporated an olive oil to the baking powder and any of the natural ingredients mentioned, you can start exfoliating the body parts that have stretch marks. Exfoliating your skin with the mixture will not only help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, it will also help your skin become softer.

stretch marks

stretch marks

Tip #2:  Test the efficiency of baking powder for stretch marks. 

The blend of baking powder and other household items as well as olive oil can create a distinctive exfoliating agent to your skin. This natural blend of ingredients contains the ability to go through the deep layers of the skin, unlike when you use commercially bought creams. The baking powder scrub can assist in eliminating coatings of dead skin and at the same time making your skin smooth and soft.

Tip #3:  Compare the price of baking powder blend to the commercially produced stretch marks products. 

There are a lot of companies that create different kinds of creams and oils which claim that their products contain the ability to eliminate or lessen stretch marks. These products can be very costly. If you will compare the baking powder scrub to these products, you will realize that it is not only cheaper to use, but also convenient. The combination of baking powder together with the special ingredients found in your pantry can provide you the comfort of lessening the stretch marks and the costly product acquired in the market that may not even work on your problem.

Tip #4: Support the use of baking powder for stretch marks with other life-changing habits.

Aside from utilizing baking powder scrub to exfoliate the skin with stretch marks, you can also ingest plenty of water and make some alterations in your regimen. Consuming foods that are loaded with zinc, essential fatty acids as well as taking in vitamins A, C, D, E, and K will also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 

Baking powder is a natural home treatment and is a cheaper way that you can try to use if you want to reduce the ugly sights of stretch marks. Why not try the concoction explained above?

  • betty_bliss

    are you sure you’re pertaining to baking powder? as in a compound form of baking soda and some powdered acid/s? it is sure different from baking soda/sodium bicarbonate. isn’t that *baking powder* harsh for the skin?