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How to Eliminate Teenage Stretch Marks – 8 Tips to Make Your Teen Skin Look Better

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Stretch marks are considered as a regular element of adolescence. Majority of teenagers acquire this type of skin condition because of the sudden change in their body development. It develops because their skin is further stretched rapidly at this stage thus the collagen can no longer handle the situation. Stretch marks in teenagers can also be attributed to their sudden weight gain. Here are tips on how to eliminate stretch marks.

Eliminate Teenage Stretch Marks

Eliminate Teenage Stretch Marks

Tip #1:  Healthy eating habits.

It is important that you should eat healthy foods as well as take in collagen-boosting vitamins and supplements at this stage to avert the appearance of stretch marks. Foods rich in lysine and proline help in the development of collagen, which is essential to the elasticity of the skin.

Tip#2:  Sunscreen.

Using sunscreen on the beach or swimming pool can help protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This can then prevent the appearance of stretch marks from young skin.

Tip#3:  Exercise.

There are certain forms of exercises that can help eliminate teenage stretch marks.  Being active physically will help maintain the elasticity of your skin thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks as well as prevent it from further widespread.

Tip #4:  Clothing.

Teenage girls can wear bathing suit that can conceal their stretch marks on their buttocks and thigh areas. A one-piece swimwear can help or longer shirts and tanks can hide stretch marks on the stomach area and if your stretch marks are on your arms, try to wear t-shirts with sleeves. Choose the proper type of clothing that can help conceal the stretch marks on your body.

Tip #5:  Makeup.

There are distinctively formulated body cosmetics that are exceptionally prepared to hide not only scars but stretch marks as well. Try to look for these types of makeup if you want to conceal your stretch marks.

Tip #6:  Sunless tanning.

Stay away from tanning beds that will only make stretch marks more prominent. Try considering sunless tanning lotions and sprays instead. The lotion will help conceal the stretch marks and provide it a tan similar to the rest of your skin.

Tip #6:  Skin care.

Proper ways of taking care of your skin will help eliminate stretch marks, so even before you reach the puberty stage, try to take good care of your skin properly. Proper skin care will not only help prevent stretch marks, it will also help you acquire healthy and younger looking skin.

Tip #7:  Medical treatments.

Search for medical treatments that can help get rid of stretch marks like tummy tucks and laser treatments. However, you have to get ready with your savings because these types of procedures are extremely expensive.

Tip #8:   Get in touch with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Do this as soon as your body has ended developing because if you will make an effort to get rid of it while your body is still growing, there is a great possibility for further stretch marks development and you will undergo a lot of procedures too to get rid of it.

The most important thing for you to do is to discuss the matter with your physician and ask for a possible non-abrasive remedy to eliminate stretch marks. Remember that teenage skin is kind of sensitive and it needs proper care and attention.