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How to Turn Sunburn into a Tan – 6 Tips to Transform Burnt Skin into a Healthy One

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There are lots of people who want to acquire tan that is why they try to visit beaches all over the world.  However, acquiring tan when one is extremely exposed to the sun can only result to sunburn particularly if they forget to apply suntan lotion before sun exposure. Once in a while, you meet individuals who are fond of tanning their skin, but due to some weather disturbances, they cannot maintain their tan so they try to get tanned in salons or spas for a costly price. Why not try to turn sunburn into a tan.

Turn Sunburn into a Tan

Turn Sunburn into a Tan

Tip #1:  Take necessary precautions.

Be careful in using some forms of medicines as well as make-ups that include stuffs which can cause the skin to soak up a lot of UV rays.  Before you expose yourself to the sun for tanning, make sure that you discuss the medicines you are taking in as well as the cosmetics you are using with your physician. This is to avoid getting sunburn instead of tan.

Tip #2:  Know your skin type.

It will help if you know the type of your skin so that you can apply sunscreen that is specifically designed for you. If you easily get sunburn, put on a sunscreen that contains PF 15 or more. You will probably need an ounce of sunscreen to efficiently wrap your whole body. It is also advised that you should put high concentration sunscreen on the tips of your ears, the bridge of your nose, or if you have a bald scalp. You should put on the sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes prior to going out under the sun and it must be repeatedly applied for at least every hour.

Tip #3:  Wear sunglasses.

Make sure to wear sunglasses if you will expose yourself on the beach or pool bench. Big sunglasses will protect the eyelid of your eyes from being sunburned as well as prevent the coarse sand going through your eyes. Good quality sunglasses can obstruct at least 95% UV sun rays. You should also wear protective gear on your head to protect it from sunburn, particularly if you will go on sailing or just expose yourself to the sun.

Tip #4:  Set the time in which you can go under the sun for tanning purposes.

If you want to get tan instead of sunburn, avoid exposing yourself under the sun between 10 am to 2 pm because this is the time when the sun is excellently harmful to the skin. Tanning yourself can be done early morning or late in the afternoon.

Tip #5: Know what to apply in your skin when sunburn results instead of tanning.

If you get sunburned instead of tan, stay away from putting cream or petroleum jelly on it. These will only block the heat and worsen the situation. Use pure emu oil instead to calm your skin and to relieve soreness.

Tip #6:  Know some do’s and don’ts.

Stay away from utilizing products that contain benzocaine on the sunburn. Even if it can give momentary relief, it can lead to skin inflammation and extend the healing process of the sunburn. Never peel off the sunburned skin even if it breaks on its own so that the skin will be cured faster.

The bottom line is to take care of your skin properly if you want to obtain a perfect and cheaper tan instead of sunburn. You should always consider the above mentioned tips with necessary precaution.