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7 Tips on How to Stop Sweat Marks and Be Confident Again

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Sweat is composed of water, salt, urea, and small amounts of other ingredients excreted from the body. The cooling effect of sweat evaporating on the skin helps regulate the body temperature.  Sweat or perspiration is secreted by the sweat glands situated in the deepest of the several skin layers and reaching the surface through corkscrew-shaped ducts. The areas which can result to sweat marks are the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and the armpits.

How to Stop Sweat Marks

How to Stop Sweat Marks

When your armpits sweat excessively, it will most likely leave marks on your shirt which can be tremendously noticeable if you are wearing colored ones. Sweat marks on your shirts will cause embarrassment, but you can avoid this through some helpful “stop sweat marks” tips that you will learn below.

Tip #1:  Set an appointment with your physician particularly if extreme sweating is your main concern.

It is important to consult a doctor to learn the root cause of excessive sweating. If the extreme sweating is due to hyperhirosis, your doctor can give you particular forms of treatments, topical antiperspirants or even surgical procedure if the case is already serious.

Tip #2: Use antiperspirant.

If you do not want that your shirt to acquire sweat marks, use antiperspirant first before putting it on. However, make sure that the antiperspirant you are going to use is a strong one because if it is not, your perspiration will still cause marks on your shirt. If possible, try to select antiperspirant that has about 10-15 percent aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

Tip #3:  Pay particular attention to the clothes you wear.

Put on only cozy pieces of clothing that are made from cotton or linen, since these fabrics can support air flow. Do not wear clothing made of polyester or nylon because they can only intensify perspiration and the possibility of sweat marks. It is also important that you should dress suitably for all types of weather condition. If possible, dress in layers so that you can take off the layers as required. Put on clothing that is dark in color such as navy blue, black or brown. The sweat marks will be more visible in lighter-colored clothing unlike in darker ones.

Tip #4:  Wash your clothes on a regular basis.

Do not wear the same clothes with sweat until you have washed them because sweat is inclined to dry in your clothes. If you are going to wear it again without washing, the sweat marks will still be there as well as the odor.

Tip #5:   Cut the hair in your armpits.

If your armpits sweat tremendously, it is necessary for you to trim the hair in it. Even if the spot generates warmth, it can also hold a pool of sweat in your armpit thus causing it to be more humid.

Tip #6:  Wash your armpit on a regular basis.

This is very important particularly if you sweat extremely. Washing or splashing it with water will prevent sweat marks on your shirt, but make sure that you always carry a tissue of tiny cloth to wipe it.

Tip #7:  Try losing weight.

If you are obese, it will most likely create tremendous sweat in a lot of ways so try to reduce weight.

These seven tips should be brought to mind if you want to stop sweat marks from bothering you all the time. Get rid of embarrassment and be confident every time.