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How to Get Rid of Sweaty Palms Instantly – 8 Tips to Prevent Wet Hands

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There are lots of individuals suffering from extreme sweating of their palms. Palm sweating (or sweaty palms) is known in the medical profession as palmar hyperhidrosis. This condition is being attributed to psychological problems as well as unidentified problem in the sympathetic nervous system. Persons with this type of condition will not only perspire profusely but the problem itself will develop with more intensity. Palm sweating must not be taken for granted because there might be an underlying health problem connected to it. In this regard, learn how to get rid of sweaty palms

Get Rid of Sweaty Palms Instantly

Get Rid of Sweaty Palms Instantly

Tip #1:  Use some things that will help you prevent the problem.

Always have with you a hand towel to wipe the sweat on your palms right away. Put on an antiperspirant on your hands, one that is aluminum-based rather than any other deodorant. Put on an antiperspirant that has 15 percent aluminum chloride hexahydrate unto your palms particularly at night to help obstruct the pores from releasing excessive sweat then wash it off the following morning. Even though this is not considered as an immediate answer to the condition, it is useful in lessening the quantity of moisture that comes out of your palms during daytime.

Tip #2:  Use cornstarch.

Press a spoonful of cornstarch or odorless talcum powder on your hands and massage both of the palms together then utilize a cloth towel to remove extra granules of talcum or cornstarch on your hands.  The talcum or cornstarch that you will put on your palms will soak up the sweat at once.

Tip #3:  Use hand wipes.

Use an alcohol cleansing wipe in wiping your hands. The alcohol content of the wipe will help dry the sweat on your palms. Do not overdo it though since it may cause dryness later on.

Tip #4: Use handkerchief all the time.

Always make sure that you carry a handkerchief in your bag or pocket so that you can easily wipe your hands when you feel that sweat is starting to come out. It is better if you will put handkerchief on each of your left and right pockets so that you can press your sweaty palms discreetly when the need arises.

Tip #5:  Use tea bags.

Clutch tea bags on your hands at least 15 minutes daily to persuade the pores to shut. This is a good remedy to get rid of sweaty palms.

Tip #6: Try Thoracoscopic sympahtectomy (TST).

If the natural remedy for sweaty palms will not work, try to undergo this type of procedure to cut off the sympathetic nerve that has jurisdiction to the development of sweat on your palms. This type of procedure is only good for palm sweating. The other sweaty parts of your body can be remedied through other types of medication.

Tip #7:  Use botox injections.

This is another type of technique that can obstruct the chemical transmitter that brings about palm sweating. The injections are considerable painful.

Tip #8: Take in oral medications.

There are some forms of oral medications that you can ask from your doctor to treat sweaty palms. These medications are usually prescribed by doctors to obstruct the neuro-transmission which is in charge for sweat development. However, this type of medicines can bring about unwanted side effects. Another type of medicine that can help lessen sweaty palms is an antidepressant drug. This is prescribed particularly if the cause of palm sweating is due to psychological problems.

These are but 8 tips that will help you get rid of sweaty palms instantly. As you have seen, you have options both in natural and abrasive remedies. It is up to you to make a decision on what solution to use for palm sweating.

  • Hannah G98

    how do i get rid of it forever?

  • lola

    all these remedies are only for a temporary relief.. how to get rid of it throughout the life..?