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How to Stop Your Balls from Sweating and Fight Foul Odor in Your Genitals

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Many men have problems on how to stop their balls from sweating. This is because of the very unwanted smell which they can compare to the smell of a circus tent. The smell of their sweaty balls makes them so uncomfortable and discourages them to even meet a woman. If you are one of those men who are trying to combat this problem, then this article is right for you. In here, you will know a few tips on how to remedy your sweaty balls. It is a fact that man has sweaty balls and you will also know the reason why.Fight Foul Odor in Your Genitals

Tip #1: Wear the Right Underwear

The type of underwear you wear contributes to your genital odor. Some men wear silk boxers thinking that this can let air in and help eliminate odor. What they don’t know is that it can give the opposite effect. Instead of helping eliminate genital odor, boxers make the male genitals unsecured and thus causing a need for readjustments periodically throughout the day. It is recommended then to wear standard briefs or boxer style briefs to remedy the problem and at the same time reduce genital odor and chassis sweat. Although these kinds of underwear are being shunned by most men, these are great for reducing male genital odor because of the absorbent cotton that they are made of.

Tip #2: Be Wary When Using Baby Wipes

These baby wipes are applicable for active men although it can be embarrassing once they are not disposed secretly. Men can use these wipes just after playing a sport or working out at the gym if sweating need attention at once. In this way, this can reduce male genital odor right away. The only advice is that you need to be careful with the kind of wipes you buy. Do not buy wipes with perfumes or with high concentrations of alcohol. Your purpose of controlling genital odor will turn into a feeling like you have ignited a fire on your pants.

Tip #3: Take a Shower

Taking a shower will surely help eliminate male genital odor. But here’s an additional tip: Do not use body soap on your genitals and that hair surrounding area. It is because soap contains oil that softens the skin. Use shampoo for your genital hair the same way like your head’s hair. The shampoo removes genital odor as well as build up oils that your body releases in this area making you definitely clean.

Tip #4: Shaving Should be Done with Caution

Other men suggest shaving or trimming your genital area. What they know is that this can help reduce male genital odor but it’s not. This will only cause another problem, from smelly genitals to itchy smelly genitals.

Tip #5: Sweating Balls and Powders Do Not Go Together

Powders should not also be used to control sweating. This will create a powdery, sticky cakey mess which you are even afraid to touch.

These are tips you can make use of when your balls are sweating. Add to these, you can consult your doctor or search online for male oriented websites to know more tips on how to eliminate male genital odor.


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    Your genitals won’t itch if you use a pubic shaver like the Hair eRazor. And Use Fresh Balls, you will never have any powdery residue in your shorts.

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  • Elvisguy

    I did not know this!

  • nut sniffer

    Smells like a circus tent ? wtf ( mines more like a slight salt & vinegar & musk scent )

    i love the smell of mine , espec after 24hrs, it is the only part of the body that has such an addictive smell and so unlike the rest of the body that always gives that typical gross B.O smell.

    C’mon ladies, treat your blokes to a huge turn on, spread him wide open , let then hang low .. then lick n’ sniff that sweat out of the valley between his nuts and leg.
    forget all your perfumes , as now you have just found the master of all addictive scents.

  • Michael Harrington

    I use a penis health creme that contains Vitamin A as an extra line of defense against smells and bacteria down there. My doc suggested it a few months back and it is really working. You guys should check these cremes out. They help with other issues too.