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8 Tips to Understand on How to Remove a Toe Wart

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Warts are non-cancerous infectious swellings of the skin that may spread from one part of the body to another and from one person to another. They are especially common among children and the majority of them disappear without treatment. Plantar warts (or toe wart), which occur on the soles of the feet and grow inward because of pressure, can cause discomfort. Here are tips on how to remove a toe wart.

How to Remove a Toe Wart

How to Remove a Toe Wart

Tip #1: Establish the cause.

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus which has an incubation period ranging from three weeks to six months. They are spread by scratching, shaving, or in the case of plantar warts, by going about barefooted in locker rooms and near swimming pools.

Tip #2: Look at how grave the wart is.

Common warts usually start as tiny bumps on the skin that gradually become larger, rough-surfaced and brownish. They are painless except when they occur at the base of the fingernails and develop fissures. Plantar warts are likely to appear in conjunction with calluses. They are extremely painful when they are forced inward by the pressure of body weight.

Tip #3: Assess the pain that goes with a toe wart.

If a common wart is neither painful nor aesthetically displeasing, it need not be treated in any way. A doctor should be consulted about warts that appear near the fingernails or on the scalp. Methods of removing troublesome or unwanted warts include electro-cauterization, freezing with liquid nitrogen, or the application of medications that cause the warts to shrink and vanish. Plantar warts should not be disturbed unless they are causing continuous discomfort, since many treatments involve considerable pain and inconvenience to the person.

Tip #4: Consider treatments.

There are few medications that can help you in eliminating toe warts like: removing it with nail file; especially formulated medications and surgical process. Whichever you choose to remove a toe wart, make sure that it will give you comfort and not inconvenience.

Tip #5:  Use a nail file.

You can use a nail file to eliminate coarse, frozen skin on your toes. Medical practitioners recommend that using nail file to eradicate tough, dead skin should be done on one occasion only every two days. Eliminating dead skin is one way of treating the wart comfortably.

Tip #6:   Ask the assistance of a pharmacist.

If you want to remove a toe wart by yourself, you should go to your local drug store and ask the assistance of a pharmacist on the right medicines that you can put on to the warts. Tell the pharmacist about the state of your toe and purchase the product that he or she will suggest. Make sure that you will follow the instruction on the medicine package cautiously on how to use the medicine itself, to treat a toe wart.

Tip #7:  Get in touch with your physician.

If the product you bought was not able to treat your toe wart, it is time for you to get in touch with your physician so that he or she can prescribe the correct medicine for the condition.

Tip #8:  Contemplate on undergoing surgical procedure.

If the previous medications fail to remove the toe wart, you can think of undergoing another treatment for the problem like freezing, laser or electro-cauterization treatment. However, these forms of treatment can cause pain and discomfort.

Always make sure that you abide by the eight tips mentioned above in order to remove a toe wart. It is not an easy process. These tips should always be considered.