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How to Use 4 Natural Ways to Soften Hands During Winter

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Coarse, dehydrated hands can be extremely ugly and unnerving. Dry skin will worsen during winter season that is why you need to use additional moisturizer to make sure that your hands will not get extremely dry. There are lots of moisturizers available in the market. However, these moisturizers have chemicals and might be very costly. Instead of softening your hands with the commercialized moisturizers try using natural means first to soften them. The natural means of softening your hands can be effortlessly found in your home. Here is how you can soften hands during winter without spending much.Natural Ways to Soften Hands

Tip #1: Using Olive Oil

This is extremely beneficial not only on the surface of your skin but its interior as well. Olive oil can nourish and hydrate the exterior and interior of your skin. It can be used not only in cooking and on the skin but on your hair as well. If you really want to soften you hands through olive oil, create a blend of sugar and olive oil and use the mixture as a moisturizing agent for your hands. The sugar will eliminate the dead skin cells while the olive oil will serve as the moisturizer. You can incorporate at least three to four teaspoons of sugar into the olive oil to use it as a body scrub as well. When using the mixture on your hands, make sure to tenderly massage it only on your hands for about a minute before rinsing it off with water.

Tip #2: Using Shea Butter

This is one of the most popular ingredients used in lots of nutrient-rich commercialized moisturizers. If you want to use it naturally, you can buy a raw form of Shea butter in health stores and use it naturally to soften your hands during winter season. The raw form of Shea butter does not contain any extra components or chemicals. Shea butter is an extremely versatile ingredient not only in lotions and moisturizers but also in anti-aging creams. Once you apply Shea butter on your hands, it will soften them tremendously. You can also apply it on your wrinkled skin to soften and make it smoother.

Tip #3: Using Cornstarch

This kitchen ingredient is also one of the natural means to soften your hands due to winter dry skin. Aside from the fact that it is extremely inexpensive, it is also very easy to use. You can just blend it with warm water then use it as a hand moisturizer to soften your hands. Just fill a medium-sized bowl with tepid water then add five to six tablespoons of cornstarch then melt together. Immerse your hands in the mixture approximately five minutes to soften them. Make it a habit to do this every day, particularly during winter season.

Tip #4: Using Vegetable Shortening

As a substitute to costly beauty creams, just buy any kind of vegetable shortening in the nearby grocery store and use it as a natural hand softener. Just massage the vegetable shortening on your hands prior to retiring at night then wear hand gloves so that it will not splatter on your beddings. It will go through into your skin and the following morning you will notice that your hands are really soft and smooth.

There are so many natural means to soften your hands during winter season. The secret is you only have to look around you and do some forms of experimenting to achieve favorable result and get rid of winter dry skin.