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How to Combat Winter Dry Skin on the Face Using 6 Tips

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Winter is the time when your skin suffers most due to the fact that during this season the skin on your face tends to lose its natural moisture. If you want to maintain a glowing face during winter try to follow the tips that will be discussed below. These are tips about combating winter dry skin on the face.

Tip #1:  Too much moisturizers won’t help.

Make sure not to excessively moisturize your skin. Dry skin will have accumulated dry dead cells on your face, thus putting on excessive facial moisturizer will only help rehydrate the dead skin cells. Instead of putting excessive moisturizer on your face, try to exfoliate it using a mild facial scrub. Exfoliate your face with a gentle facial scrub in circular motion and wash it off with lukewarm water. This process will help eliminate the dead cells so that when you put on a moisturizer, the fresh skin cells are hydrated.

Tip #2: Change in lifestyle will help.

Make sure that when you rest for the night, your room has a humidifier to help hydrate not only your face but your body as well. Make it a habit to ingest a lot of water and put on sunscreen all the time.

winter dry skin on the face

winter dry skin on the face

Tip #3:  Protecting your hands means protecting your face from winter dry skin.

If you are experiencing breakouts most of the time, make an effort to control your use of hand cream during the night to avoid soaking your face with the hand cream while you are sleeping. If possible, wear hand gloves made of cotton while you sleep, particularly if you had already applied the hand cream.

Tip #4: Choose the right skin care products for your face.

Make sure that you only select facial skin care products that are free from any form of colorant and perfume. Look for the most excellent facial moisturizer that will help in filling and fortifying the gaps and cracks between the skin cells. It can also bring back the flexibility on your skin to give it a silky and elastic quality.

Tip #5: It is important to wash your face with a proper agent.

Make it a habit to utilize lukewarm water when washing your face at all times. Take note: Not boiling hot water but lukewarm water.

Tip # 6: Create your own moisturizer using wheat, oatmeal, soy and jojoba.

The seed of the wheat plant is loaded with vitamins A, D and E which are recognized as antioxidants. Aside from that, wheat also enhances your skin’s distinctive exfoliation process to give you a silkier, fresher and glowing skin cells on the exterior. Using pulverized oatmeal on the other hand, can comfort dry, itchy skin. If utilized topically, oatmeal contains the ability to bind the external coating of the skin, thus generating a defensive impediment in contrast to the damaging elements. 

Meanwhile, soy is considered as the resource of comprehensive protein that is laden with nutrients, plant estrogens, and fatty acids which can create a defensive impediment from harmful elements. Since soy contains lecithin, it can considerably calm both itchiness and dryness. Lastly, jojoba, a natural plant, had been used since ancient times to remedy not only windburn but sunburn as well. It contains less dispensation time, but delivers faster the moisture in your skin.

These are 6 easy tips to follow when you want to get rid of winter dry skin on the face. You can always use a combination (or even all) of these tips.