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How to Eliminate Winter Dry Skin – 3 Tips That Will Make Your Skin Look Healthy

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You know that dry skin is connected to the loss of moisture from the outer surface of the skin as well as its inadequate substitution from the tissues below. Dry skin is characterized by tiny fissures together with abrasion. In serious cases, skin can becomes reddish and irritated. During extreme cold weather and too much exposure to sunlight, skin can loses its natural moisture. The good thing is dry skin during extreme weather conditions can already be remedied. Here are some tips on how to eliminate winter dry skin.

Eliminate Winter Dry Skin

Eliminate Winter Dry Skin

Tip #1:  Cleanse and treat the skin as soon as possible.

It is important that you should rinse your skin with essential oils like those from olive, almond or avocado. Slightly tap the skin with any of this oil then wash it with lukewarm water before drying it off with a soft cloth or towel. Stay away from using abrasive soaps, astringents as well as cleansers. However, you also have to be careful not to use these oils excessively because they might lead to skin irritation.

Tip #2: Moisturize.

Apply moisturizer on your face as soon as you had cleansed it in the morning and prior to bedtime. Moisturizers that include natural humectants like vegetable glycerin, panthenol and vitamin E are useful in drawing as well as retaining the moisture in your skin. Massage the interior part of avocado peel onto your skin through tender upward movements. In addition, you can also rub on a slight coating of olive oil or unadulterated Shea butter to the dry regions of your skin such as the elbows, feet, and arms. Minimize taking a bath during cold months because the more you soak your skin in the water the more it will cause dryness. If possible, utilize a humidifier to intensify the moisture in the air around your home or office.

Tip #3:  Pay attention to proper diet and hydration.

It is important that you should consume a well-balanced diet. You must incorporate whole grain, seeds, nuts, and uncooked fruits and vegetables in your daily diet program. Intensify your intake of foods loaded with sulfur like onions, garlic, eggs, and asparagus. These types of foods are useful in maintaining the smoothness of your skin. You should also make it a habit to consume lots of oranges and yellow vegetables that have beta-carotene, a foundation to vitamin A.

Instead of using animal fats or vegetable oil, use cold-pressed oils like extra-virgin olive oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil and sunflower oil. Too much consumption of vegetable oil and animal fats can intensify the development of free radicals in your body thus dehydrating as well as destroying your skin. Hydrate your skin by ingesting plenty of water and stay away from drinking alcohol and caffeine and nicotine because they can lead to the loss of fluid and nutrients not only in your body but to the skin as well.

The simple, basic tips mentioned above are enough to help you maintain supple and younger looking skin devoid of dryness. Why not eliminate winter dry skin using these tips?