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How to Organize Skin Care Products

If you open your bathroom cabinet and lotion, creams, and serums are all over the place, it’s time to reorganize. Simply sort through all of your products, organize them by type and frequency of use, and rearrange them on a shelf or in a cabinet. You can use storage solutions such as plastic bins, multi-section organizers, or a Lazy Susan to keep your products neat and tidy. With a little patience and creativity, you can easily organize your skincare products.

Part 1: Sorting Your Products


1.Put all of your products on the floor. To organize your products, empty your cabinets and shelves so all of your products are in 1 place. This way, you can view and sort your skin care products.Do this whether you have 5 or 50 products.

2.Designate piles based on the type of product and how often you use it. The categories you make will depend on your specific skin care collection. Creating separate piles categorically is a great organizational system for skin care product.

  • Make a pile for products you use every day, then create separate piles for lotions, sunscreens, serums/oils, specialty items, and duplicates.
  • Additionally, make piles for products including face masks, toners, moisturizers, and acne treatment creams.

3.Throw out or recycle any old or expired items. Check the expiration date of each product as you sort through them, and get rid of any expired product. There is a printed month and year on the bottom of your product listing the expiration. Using expired skin care products can damage your skin.

  • In addition, if you have any old products with barely anything left inside, get rid of these too.
  • If possible, wash out the containers thoroughly and recycle the plastic or glass.

4.Get rid of any product you don’t like or that doesn’t work for you. Over time, you may have accumulated many skin care products that you don’t prefer. Rather than saving them for a rainy day, give them to a friend or family member. This way, your shelves are not cluttered and the product gets used.

  • If you don’t have others who may use the product, donate it to a thrift store or rinse out and recycle the container.

Part 2: Choosing Storage Solutions

1.Use individual bins to keep your items organized. Once you categorize all of your products, designate 1 bin for each product type. If you’d like, you can color-coordinate these bins. Go with a monochromatic color scheme, or pick a different color for each product type.

  • For example, put your daily use items in 1 bin, lotions in another, and serums in a third bin.
  • You can use plastic, fabric, or wicker baskets based on your preferences.

2.Try a shelved or compartmentalized organizer for an all-in-one option. As an alternative to individual storage bins, use a multi-shelf organizer for store cosmetic and beauty supplies. These are helpful organizational tools with multiple compartments, so you can easily house your skin care products. Pick 1 compartment for each product type, and put your items into the organizer.

  • These are available at most home supply and container stores.

3.Select a Lazy Susan organizer to easily locate your products. A Lazy Susan is a turntable usually made out of wood, glass, or plastic. Place the Lazy Susan on a shelf or in a cabinet, and stack your skin care products on top. Then, spin the turntable to easily access any product you’d like.

  • Some plastic organizers come with a rotating Lazy Susan option.

4.Place additional items next to your storage containers for easy access. In addition to using plastic bins, multi-shelved organizers, and/or a Lazy Susan, you can place your skincare products along your shelf or cabinet. Most storage solutions do not take up much room, so you’ll likely have space on your shelf left over.

  • For example, store all of your lotions in 1 bin, sunscreens in another, and face masks in a third bin. Then, put each bin on 1 shelf. Place your daily use items next to 1 of the bins to easily access the products.

Part 3: Setting up Your Space

1.Pick a general location in your bathroom for all of your products. The location of your products will depend on your living arrangement and current storage options. Housing all of your products in the same place keeps them organized, so you can easily use them when you need to.

  • For example, place all of your products on bathroom shelves or in a medicine cabinet.
  • If you can’t keep your products in the bathroom, place them in a linen closet or in your bedroom. Put your products in shelving units along the wall, or place the items on a vanity.

2.Pick a handy spot near a mirror to house items you use daily. When getting ready in the morning, you want to easily reach your daily skin care items. Pick a spot for your daily face wash, toner, moisturizer, acne treatment cream, body lotion, or any other products.

  • For instance, place the daily use items in a vanity tray next to your sink. Or, store the products in your medicine cabinet or on an easy-to-access shelf in your bathroom or linen closet as another option.

3.Choose a particular shelf for each type of product. When organizing your skincare products, put each product type in its own home. This includes all of your serums and oils, hand lotion, body lotion, body butter, facial scrubs, and so on. Designate a particular shelf or cabinet for each of type of product, and place your storage solution in that spot.

  • For example, place your face wash in 1 bin, serums in 1 container, and moisturizers in another. Then, place these all on 1 shelf reserved for facial products. Add your body butter, lotion, and sunscreen to the second shelf. Finally, place your duplicate products or specialty accessories on the bottom shelf.
  • Your duplicate products should be stored out of the way, such as under the sink or in a medicine cabinet. That way, you can access them whenever you need to without the extra products getting in the way.


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